Certain online material contains proprietary information made available to ONLY Authorized Distributors or Authorized Service Providers. Please signin and go to 'My Account' page to download the files.

Application Software

Application software is the software that runs locally on the ATM and is displayed through the LCD panel of the ATM machine.

Remote Management Software

Remote Management Software is available for download once you sign in as an authorized distributor or ASP. This software is installed on your personal and secure Windows computer, and allows you to remotely administer the functions and activity logs of your ATM.

Forms & Documents

Technical Specs, & pricing Sheets are available once you log in.

Operating Manuals

Hantle ATM user manuals and basic training manuals are available for purchase through your Hantle Distributor. ATM software is available for download on the authorized distributor and authorized service provider (ASP) sections of this site. In order to access this section you will need your unique username and password given to you after becoming an authorized distributor or ASP.