Retail ATM Distributor

From our Zero Inventory program and product support and services to our Co-op funds and marketing support programs, being an Authorized Hantle Retail ATM Distributor provides many advantages.

Business Process

Here at Hantle we are continuously developing new ways of doing business. We are not just delivering ATMs, we are delivering ATM business solutions for our Authorized Retail ATM Distributors. Our goals are to try to make our distributor's business more efficient and profitable.

Zero Inventory

Our resellers are not required to stock inventory. Hantle acts as the central distribution and logistics center on behalf of our resellers. When a reseller places an order from their customer, the product(s) will be configured, tested, and shipped directly within 72 hours, or on an agreed upon date, to the customer site or designated destination. This eliminates considerable financial and operational burden from our Authorized Distributors and makes their job much easier.

Product Support and Services

All of our products (with the exception of Mas-Hamilton Electronic locks and customer supplied items) come with a one year parts and labor warranty. When warranty service is required, we ship the parts via express courier service. This eliminates waiting and helps our customers to get back up and running sooner.